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Welcome to Aya Aromas...

We created Aya Aromas in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Birthed out of our love for candles and a desire for a new hobby. Candles have always been something we’ve used as part of our self-care routines and to uplift our home.

As a international brand we want our products to relate to all. Our brand name AYA holds multiple meanings in various languages and cultures. Examples include, beautiful (Japanese), ‘to fly swiftly’ (Hebrew) and angel (Turkish). In our motherland Ghana, AYA is an adinkra symbol representing endurance. This meaning is important to us and our brand as self love and care stand at the heart of all we do. 

Launching Aya has been one of the most daunting but fulfilling things we've ever done! In our first 6 months of launching we were featured in major publications inc. Harper's Bazaar, Stylist Magazine & The Times newspaper. We were also fortunate to have sold our products globally, all across the US, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Ghana & Saudi Arabia! 

Self love isn’t always easy but we hope that our products and the affirmations that come with them assist you in the daily race towards self love. 

Thank you for your continuous support!

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