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About Us

Candle lit with decorative ribbons

Aya Aromas was created by two sisters Georgette & Sophinne. Birthed out of our love for candles and a desire for a new hobby. Candles have always been something we’ve used to uplift the mood of our homes and our spirit. Therefore, when creating Aya Aromas we wanted to birth candles that uplifted and inspired our customers, using nostalgic fragrances. We believe that lighting a candle and indulging in its pleasant aroma is a form of soft therapy in itself. 
We chose AYA for our brand name as the word holds multiple meanings in various languages and cultures. Examples include, beautiful (Japanese), ‘to fly swiftly’ (Hebrew) and angel (Turkish). More specifically, in our homeland Ghana, AYA is an adinkra symbol representing endurance. This meaning is important to us and our brand as self love and care stand at the heart of all we do. 
Our candles are all made for 100% Soy Wax which means they are much better for the environment and burn at a slower rate, providing you with more candle time. Our scents are also created using our own unique blends of the finest fragrance oils.
Self love isn’t always easy but we hope that our candles and the affirmations that come with them assist you in the daily race towards self love.
100% SOY WAX