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Ghana Inspired Our Scents!

Road Trips.. the road less travelled.

In December 2020 until January 21 we travelled to Ghana. Ghana is a place that means a lot to us, we call it a second home as we have family, sunshine and good vibes there.

During our trip we really wanted to represent what our scents meant to us. Most if not all scents are inspired by our motherland Ghana and other travel destinations we have travelled to such as Cuba, Zanzibar, Brazil and Mexico.

On 7th January we travelled to Keta to take some drone footages for share with our AYA community. The coast of Ghana is known for having many beautiful beaches with Keta in the Volta region being one of them.

As you drive towards the beach there are many places to stop off and have fresh coconuts that are cut for you ready to enjoy along with other delicious foods such as sugar cane. While you are getting closer to the beach you’ll notice many palm trees on the way and many locals eating fresh fruits such as pineapples, mangoes and watermelons. Then once you hit the beach you’ll see it full of melanated people who are simply taking in the beautiful sunshine and sand in between their toes until the sun goes down. The most special thing about being at the beach till late is watching the sunset whilst either swimming in the sea, enjoying your favourite cocktail or eating your favourite fruits.

This vivid description represents our four main candle scents; Coconut Sugar, Tropical Haven, Melanin Dreams and Sunset Sweet. They are all inspired by the memories we have from childhood visiting our motherland and the extraordinary experiences we have had.


  • elotokowefore

    ] Ocisuqomu

  • efavaseb

    ] Iviomluti

  • iwidakuy

    ] Akevojo

  • uaisixolxuyu

    ] Osisruwon

  • agvukoquya

    ] Urijnivo

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